Visit the National Museum for Glimpses of the Culture and History

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The National Museum or Muzium Negara is located in Kuala Lumpur and is one of the most popular places to visit in Malaysia no matter where within the country a person’s final destination is. This particular museum focuses on history as well as culture and as such, it has become a part of the national identity over the years.

The National Museum was opened in August in 1963 and was inspired by the national identity. It is located on the site of a previous museum, the Selangor Museum which existed from 1889 to 1945.

Every aspect of the museum is eye-catching from its contents to the building itself. The building has a Minangkabau-style roof as well as two large front murals that were created using Italian mosaic glass. When you visit this item on your list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur, you will instantly notice these large mosaics that give you a glimpse into life in Malaysia. The building itself is designed to include 26 concrete columns in the design of a traditional Malay palace. The columns include 13 in the eastern wing and 13 in the western with each of these reflecting the fact that Malaysia is made up of 13 states. Each of these states offers places to visit in Kuala Lumpur and beyond.


There are four major galleries within the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur and they are Early History, Malay Kingdoms, Colonial Area, and Malaysia Today. Together these exhibits work to cover the entire history of the area with a great deal of emphasis on the culture as well.

The museum is also divided by topic including the Cultures Exhibitions, Faces of Malaysia, Natural History, and a grouping of weapons, music, and ceramics. The excellent organization of the museum allows you to easily decide whether you want to see the whole thing or focus on a particular topic. If you are simply overwhelmed, you can even take a free tour led by a volunteer guide who is knowledgeable about all of the exhibits and artifacts. Despite being a volunteer, the tour guide will make sure that you understand why this museum is one of the most interesting places in Malaysia.

Immediately outside of the Muzium Negara you will find the Malay World Ethnology Museum and the Orang Asli Craft Museum which are smaller, but free to visit. The National Museum itself also hosts an additional outdoor exhibit that rotates. Outside you can find exhibits that include traditional as well as modern transportation as the items displayed are too large to fit inside.


If you simply look at a map, you may be tempted to go to KL Sentral Station in order to get to the National Museum but doing this will leave you to cross many highways. Instead, you should either take a taxi or take advantage of the hop-on-hop-off bus. Another option is to use the walkway that crosses the highway to the south of Lake Gardens.

During your visit to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur, keep in mind that this museum shows the culture as well as the history of Malaysia. The objects and information displayed has shaped the culture of the country and as such it is important to be respectful of them, even items that seem unusual to you. By entering with an open mind, you can learn a great deal about the county which is why the National Museum is perhaps one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia.

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What Amazing Gifts Do Malaysian Officials Receive? Visit Perdana Gallery in Langkawi

places to visit in Malaysia, where to go in Malaysia, things to do in Malaysia, what to do in Malaysia, tourist attractions in Malaysia, interesting places in Malaysia, things to do in Penang, what to do in Penang, where to go in Penang, things to do in Kuala Lumpur, what to do in Kuala Lumpur, where to go in Kuala Lumpur Found several kilometers to the north of Kuah, the Perdana Gallery in Langkawi is also known as the Galeria Perdana. This gallery showcases a unique collection of gifts and awards that the former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad received throughout the course of his career. With is incredible variety of items, this is considered one of the most interesting places in Malaysia by locals and visitors alike.

The Perdana Gallery is one of the top places to visit in Langkawi for history lovers. The gallery was first formed in 1995 and includes three connected buildings within a larger area surrounded by large recreational areas and gardens.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad is responsible for the creation of the gallery. He did so during his time in this role as he wanted to create a place where the people of Malaysia could see the various gifts, souvenirs, and awards him and his wife received from Malaysians, statesmen, and world leaders. The then Prime Minister felt that each of these gifts and awards belonged to the country as a whole and therefore decided to make them accessible in what would become one of the key tourist attractions in Malaysia.

If you decide to visit the Perdana Gallery, you should have a bit more background information about the area.

Building Structure

As you enter the Galeria Perdana, you will be able to purchase a ticket at the reception counter. Once you get inside the main gallery, be sure to look up at the ceiling dome. Here you will find intricate work and detail as well as a precious chandelier. While you walk throughout other areas of the gallery, be sure to admire the ceilings in those rooms as well as many are high and hand-painted.


To maintain its organization, the Perdana Gallery is divided into several different sections based on the type of gift, souvenir, or award. The first section includes materials made with lacquer, crystal, wood, or leather in addition to stone objects and musical instruments. The second section includes plaques, ceramics, weaponry, games, textiles, and Islamic art. One section is entirely dedicated to automobiles while another has pewter, brass, copper, and silver.

This organization system means that out of the places to visit in Langkawi, the Perdana Gallery is perhaps one of the easiest to navigate, especially for those with a particular goal in mind.

There are many unique objects within the 5,333 square meters occupied by the museum and the intricate gardens. One of the highlights is the F1 racing cars that were given as gifts with another being the Wood Carving Room which contains Malay wooden architecture.

Additional Areas

Although still considered to be a part of the Perdana Gallery, the Reading Room contains reference material. If you would like to relax after your visit of the gallery, you can head to the Green House which is outdoors and contains numerous plants in a controlled environment.

Important Information

To get to the gallery, you can travel 11 kilometers north of Kuah until you reach Mukim Air Hangat. In fact, the Perdana Gallery is fairly close to the Langkawi Bird Paradise, so when you pass that attraction, you will know to be on the lookout for the gallery. Around the gallery is a great deal of greenery with paved trails for walking. You can even get a snack in a nearby café and reminisce about the places to visit in Malaysia that you have seen on your trip.

During your visit, remember that each of the objects within the Perdana Gallery holds significance for Malaysia. Respect the items by not touching them unless specifically told you can do so and take the same care with the surrounding gardens.

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马来西亚兰卡威是个度假天堂,每年吸引国内外游客不计其数。兰卡威景点都是上天赐予的自然美景,配合传奇传说,让它更让人神往。到兰卡威旅游上山下海玩了好几天,是不是也会有些疲倦?除了去做水疗,有没有想过可以在兰卡威泡温泉呢?毕竟在常年如夏的马来西亚泡温泉好像不是主流,所以兰卡威攻略也很少提及这个景点,但无疑泡温泉有助消除疲劳放松精神。那么今天就说说这个兰卡威不算主流的景点–热井温泉村(Air Hangat Village)


为了吸引游客,热井温泉进行了为时三年的大翻修工程,建立园景式的温泉村。这座温泉公园内设有多个小亭子, 每做小亭子内都有冒出源源不绝温泉水的小井,游人可以围坐在亭子内享受温泉泡脚。这是最基本的享受。还有一些池子也有温泉水冒出来,这些小池子是供游人免费浸浴的。当然,最高级的的享受是温泉按摩池。这个隐私空间可以接受预订,每间私人浴室是在马币100-150之间,可供7至8人使用,最适合一家大小或者是想要有私密空间的人使用。




马来西亚旅游, 马来西亚景点, 马来西亚攻略, 槟城旅游, 槟城景点, 槟城攻略, 吉隆坡旅游, 吉隆坡景点, 吉隆坡攻略<繁體文>

馬來西亞蘭卡威是個度假天堂,每年吸引國內外遊客不計其數。蘭卡威景點都是上天賜予的自然美景,配合傳奇傳說,讓它更讓人神往。到蘭卡威旅游上山下海玩了好幾天,是不是也會有些疲倦?除了去做水療,有沒有想過可以在蘭卡威泡溫泉呢?畢竟在常年如夏的馬來西亞泡溫泉好像不是主流,所以蘭卡威攻略也很少提及這個景點,但無疑泡溫泉有助消除疲勞放鬆精神。那麼今天就說說這個蘭卡威不算主流的景點–熱井溫泉村(Air Hangat Village)


為了吸引遊客,熱井溫泉進行了為時三年的大翻修工程,建立園景式的溫泉村。這座溫泉公園內設有多個小亭子, 每做小亭子內都有冒出源源不絕溫泉水的小井,遊人可以圍坐在亭子內享受溫泉泡腳。這是最基本的享受。還有一些池子也有溫泉水冒出來,這些小池子是供遊人免費浸浴的。當然,最高級的的享受是溫泉按摩池。這個隱私空間可以接受預訂,每間私人浴室是在馬幣100-150之間,可供7至8人使用,最適合一家大小或者是想要有私密空間的人使用。




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集美食及文物于一身-The Sire Museum 餐厅


由于拥有悠久的历史及文化背景,让马来西亚槟城如今集古意于一身,城内的一些旧建筑,更是它历史的见证。然而随着时代发展的洪流,它们有些被遗忘、甚至被废弃。可是近年来,随着人们开始关注逐渐消失的老文化,曾经一度沧桑落寞的旧建筑被再次的注入了新生命,再度从被遗忘的记忆中苏醒过来。许多人来到槟城旅游,甚至就是为了看看这里的老建筑,享受它带来的怀旧氛围。无疑,槟城攻略也将这些地方视为新派槟城景点加以推荐。今天要写的 The Sire Museum餐厅,就是被赋予新生转变成为在槟城的著名文化餐厅。

先说说这家餐厅建筑特色,这栋老建筑屋型特长,从大门到屋后跨过两条街。浓烈的南洋华人建筑风格,雕栏玉砌的门窗,亮如明镜的花岗岩地板以及旋转而上的旋梯,让人可以想象到当时的屋主人是如何的富甲一方。没错,这家餐厅兼博物院于一身的建筑,其实之前是槟城已故慈善家及银行家叶祖意的故居。1885年,年轻的叶祖意从中国南下来到槟城,就在位于大伯公街(King Street)的这座建筑落脚。


为遵从祖训,这间祖屋可租赁但不得转卖,所以叶家人如今仍持有此屋。无论如何的辉煌,物换星移间叶家人也不在此居住,这间老房子也被空置了一段时间。直到2005年,叶祖意的孙子拿督叶良发及妻子在朋友的建议下,决定翻修祖爷爷的祖屋,这座老房子才有现在以The Sire Museum餐厅如被赋予了新生命般重生于人前。这家博物馆餐厅主要是以提供西餐为主,娘惹及东南也美食为辅。尽管饮食的价钱虽然稍微昂贵,但是口味还是颇有口碑;而且其用餐环境可说是最大的卖点。由于在翻修尽量的保持了原有的建筑风格,因此一进去就会让人有步入过去的旧时光的错觉,而且环境舒适优雅,还会配合用餐时间播放适合的音乐。因此就算消费不便宜,但能享受美好气氛及装潢也算是票价。



马来西亚旅游, 马来西亚景点, 马来西亚攻略, 兰卡威旅游, 兰卡威景点, 兰卡威攻略, 吉隆坡旅游, 吉隆坡景点, 吉隆坡攻略<繁體文>

由於擁有悠久的歷史及文化背景,讓馬來西亞檳城如今集古意於一身,城內的一些舊建築,更是它歷史的見證。然而隨著時代發展的洪流,它們有些被遺忘、甚至被廢棄。可是近年來,隨著人們開始關注逐漸消失的老文化,曾經一度滄桑落寞的舊建築被再次的注入了新生命,再度從被遺忘的記憶中甦醒過來。許多人來到檳城旅遊,甚至就是為了看看這裡的老建築,享受它帶來的懷舊氛圍。無疑,檳城攻略也將這些地方視為新派檳城景點加以推薦。今天要寫的The Sire Museum餐廳,就是被賦予新生轉變成為在檳城的著名文化餐廳。

先說說這家餐廳建築特色,這棟老建築屋型特長,從大門到屋後跨過兩條街。濃烈的南洋華人建築風格,雕欄玉​​砌的門窗,亮如明鏡的花崗岩地板以及旋轉而上的旋梯,讓人可以想像到當時的屋主人是如何的富甲一方。沒錯,這家餐廳兼博物院於一身的建築,其實之前是檳城已故慈善家及銀行家葉祖意的故居。 1885年,年輕的葉祖意從中國南下來到檳城,就在位於大伯公街(King Street)的這座建築落腳。


為遵從祖訓,這間祖屋可租賃但不得轉賣,所以葉家人如今仍持有此屋。無論如何的輝煌,物換星移間葉家人也不在此居住,這間老房子也被空置了一段時間。直到2005年,葉祖意的孫子拿督葉良發及妻子在朋友的建議下,決定翻修祖爺爺的祖屋,這座老房子才有現在以The Sire Museum餐廳如被賦予了新生命般重生於人前。這家博物館餐廳主要是以提供西餐為主,娘惹及東南也美食為輔。儘管飲食的價錢雖然稍微昂貴,但是口味還是頗有口碑;而且其用餐環境可說是最大的賣點。由於在翻修盡量的保持了原有的建築風格,因此一進去就會讓人有步入過去的舊時光的錯覺,而且環境舒適優雅,還會配合用餐時間播放適合的音樂。因此就算消費不便宜,但能享受美好氣氛及裝潢也算是票價。



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Penang Georgetown Festival

places to visit in Malaysia, where to go in Malaysia, things to do in Malaysia, what to do in Malaysia, tourist attractions in Malaysia, interesting places in Malaysia , things to do in Langkawi, what to do in Langkawi, where to go in Langkawi, things to do in Kuala Lumpur, what to do in Kuala Lumpur, where to go in Kuala LumpuGeorgetown is the capital city of the state of Penang and it is one of the premiere tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is a large city with every modern amenity. The city’s population is 720,000 and when you include the surrounding metropolitan area the population is 2.2 million.

The city has a long history which is why it is one of the most interesting places in Malaysia. It was founded in 1786 and visitors will immediately notice from the architecture that its history was very diverse. The city’s older buildings and religious centers feature architecture from the Chinese, Muslim, Hindu and European cultures. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee took notice of the city’s unique and unmatched architecture and on July 7, 2008 inscribed it as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2010, the city celebrated being named a World Heritage Site with the Georgetown Festival.

Attending the Georgetown Festival is one of the most interesting things to do in Penang. The 2010 Georgetown Festival was a big success, and it has been held in every year since. The festival begins on August 1st and continues through the end of the month. It features dancing, music, cultural exhibits, street performances, great food and much more. Many consider the month-long festival to be the finest art festival in South East Asia.

Georgetown is perhaps the top tourist attractions in Penang, partly because of its festivals. The people in Georgetown are good at putting on festivals, they host more of them than any other place in Malaysia. However, despite all of the festivals and celebrations there is something unique about the Georgetown Festival. The streets seem to be especially colorful and bright, and the atmosphere is electric.

The festival was initiated to honor the city’s cultural heritage, and the venues of many of the events reflect that. For instance, there will be exhibits and displays on landmark streets, and at structures such as the Penang Performing Arts Center, the old MPPP Town Hall, the Dewan Sri Pinang building, the China House, the 19th century Mission House building and more.

The festival which was planned out by Joe Sidek will feature 100 performances and exhibits, and there will be something going on every day. Mr. Sidek’s goal was to recruit both local and international talent that could make the festival an event that people would want to attend and participate in. The featured events will be diverse, and there will be something for people of all ages and backgrounds.

While the festival events will be highly entertaining, just sightseeing in Georgetown can be a blast. It is one of the most exciting places to visit in Malaysia. In some of the older areas of the city, the architecture makes it seem as if you have taken a trip back in history. In addition, there are exciting places to visit in Penang like the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple, which is an enormous complex that has striking statues of Kuan Lin the goddess of Mercy and the highly revered Buddha. There are other places to see such as the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. The mansion which has 38 rooms and 5 courtyards was built by the Chinese immigrant who amassed a fortune after arriving in Georgetown nearly penniless.

There are plenty of things to do in Penang. Enjoying the Georgetown Festival is just one of them. However, while having fun is great, one must never forget to show respect to the people of Georgetown and to honor their customs and traditions.

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品鉴传统马来建筑风格之美-Rumah Penghulu


马来西亚吉隆坡是个高度化城市地带,可是来到吉隆坡旅游,不一定就必须要进行高度化城市形态的旅游方式。事实上吉隆坡景点也有一些是介绍在地文化,让游客能更了解这个国家。在吉隆坡攻略中,或许有人会看到RumahPenguhulu这个景点的介绍。Rumah Penghulu在马来语是“村长之家”的意思,没错,这真的是马来传统乡村的村长的家。再看看地点,诶?怎么村长的家会在喧闹的市中心地带,那边怎么看也不像有马来村落啊?但是确确实实的,“村长之家”又确实是在那里,这又是怎么回事儿?

Rumah Penghulu 确实是货真价实的马来传统民房,这种我们统称为“甘榜”(Kampung)式的浮脚楼房屋,在高度城市化的吉隆坡已经是越来越稀有了。它的外特色是纯木制、用支柱架起整个房屋、还有又尖又斜的屋顶,另外,窗口、门樑、横梁都有美轮美奂的马来式雕花,更让原本朴实的木屋变得气派。屋子的装潢,房间的分割均十分讲究,会客及休闲的空间有条不紊,居住办事两相宜。

这座村长之家原来不在吉隆坡,而是在马来西亚的霹雳州,原属村长Abu Seman所有。这座传统的马来甘榜式房屋建于1916 年,而后也经过几次搬迁及修建。它那里住了两代人,也就是在Abu Seman的儿子逝世之后,这座房子便丢空在原处。几经转折,马来西亚文物基金会发现了这座房屋,从村长的后人手里买下了它,这个被人遗忘的瑰宝才得以再度重见昔日的光彩。



马来西亚旅游, 马来西亚景点, 马来西亚攻略, 槟城旅游, 槟城景点, 槟城攻略, 兰卡威旅游, 兰卡威景点, 兰卡威攻略<繁體文>

馬來西亞吉隆坡是個高度化城市地帶,可是來到吉隆坡旅遊,不一定就必須要進行高度化城市形態的旅遊方式。事實上吉隆坡景點也有一些是介紹在地文化,讓遊客能更了解這個國家。在吉隆坡攻略中,或許有人會看到RumahPenguhulu這個景點的介紹。 Rumah Penghulu在馬來語是“村長之家”的意思,沒錯,這真的是馬來傳統鄉村的村長的家。再看看地點,誒?怎麼村長的家會在喧鬧的市中心地帶,那邊怎麼看也不像有馬來村落啊?但是確確實實的,“村長之家”又確實是在那裡,這又是怎麼回事兒?

Rumah Penghulu 確實是貨真價實的馬來傳統民房,這種我們統稱為“甘榜”(Kampung)式的浮腳樓房屋,在高度城市化的吉隆坡已經是越來越稀有了。它的外特色是純木製、用支柱架起整個房屋、還有又尖又斜的屋頂,另外,窗口、門樑、橫樑都有美輪美奐的馬來式雕花,更讓原本樸實的木屋變得氣派。屋子的裝潢,房間的分割均十分講究,會客及休閒的空間有條不紊,居住辦事兩相宜。

這座村長之家原來不在吉隆坡,而是在馬來西亞的霹靂州,原屬村長Abu Seman所有。這座傳統的馬來甘榜式房屋建於1916 年,而後也經過幾次搬遷及修建。它那裡住了兩代人,也就是在Abu Seman的兒子逝世之後,這座房子便丟空在原處。幾經轉折,馬來西亞文物基金會發現了這座房屋,從村長的後人手裡買下了它,這個被人遺忘的瑰寶才得以再度重見昔日的光彩。



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Hari Merdeka: A Celebration of Freedom

things to do in Penang, what to do in Penang, where to go in Penang, things to do in Langkawi, what to do in Langkawi, where to go in Langkawi, things to do in Kuala Lumpur, what to do in Kuala Lumpur, where to go in Kuala Lumpur If you have been to almost all the places to visit in Malaysia, it’s time to unwind, relax, and mingle with the locals by celebrating the historic Hari Merdeka with them. It’s common for every country in the world to celebrate its freedom or Independence Day and Malaysia is no different. Hari Merdeka is by far the most festive, anticipated, and exciting celebration this country has every year. Tourists and locals alike join in the various activities the authorities have in store for them every August 31 in Kuala Lumpur. Hari Merdeka is one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia that they are very proud of.

Hari Merdeka History

But what is Hari Merdeka and its implication on Malaysia? It was on August 31, 1957 when Malaysia gained its sovereignty under the British and since then, it was known as the country’s Independence Day. It was made official at Kuala Lumpur’s Royal Selangor Club Padang and after which, the celebration continued at the Merdeka Stadium. At midnight, the Malaysian flag was raised to mark their independence.

Themed Celebration

There is a wide selection of interesting places in Malaysia but its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is by far the topmost in the priority list of tourists. Aside from its modern infrastructures and sights, this is where the famous Hari Merdeka celebration takes place.

Hari Merdeka is an important celebration so those in charge of the event plan it out months before the big day. It is always a different celebration every year because the activities they have are based on a specific theme, particularly a slogan that encourages Malaysians to unite despite their differences. During this day, Malays, Indians, and Chinese living in Malaysia gather together and celebrate not only their freedom but also their unity as one nation.

The Festivities

The parade during Hari Merdeka is one of the major tourist attractions in Malaysia. It happens only once a year so you can just imagine the huge crowd gathering during the big parade to witness it or by simply joining the long line of people celebrating Malaysia’s independence in colorful costumes, beating of drums, loud cheering, and waving of the Malaysian flags. Not only that but you will surely enjoy the gigantic floats during the parade adorned with flowers and other handmade decors. It is also a part of their tradition that the royals join the parade. The venue of the parade changes every year but it always ends up at Merdeka Square which is one of the places to visit in Kuala Lumpur that you shouldn’t miss.

Aside from the parade, there are also other interesting things to do in Kuala Lumpur during Merdeka Day. There are different cultural performances featuring Malaysia’s culture and traditions. Further, there is military demonstration for all people to see. Fireworks displays are a major attraction too because they spend a lot of money on it.

Hari Merdeka Travel Tips

If you want to witness Malaysia’s one of a kind Independence Day celebration, then it’s best to plan your visit ahead of time. Book your flight earlier and make sure you make the necessary hotel reservations. Bear in mind that Hari Merdeka is a major event and people from all over the world, including Malaysians abroad, come to Malaysia during this time of the year. If possible, get a hotel near all the venues to avoid heavy traffic. Meanwhile, if you’re already in Malaysia but want to get to Kuala Lumpur for Hari Merdeka, you have to travel days before because buses are usually full.

Joining in the Hari Merdeka is just one of the things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Learn more about how Malaysians gained their freedom to show that you too care about their history and culture. Such festivity reminds everybody of the importance of independence thus even tourists will learn to value their own freedom. Being a part of this momentous event is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

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A Unique Shopping Experience At Central Market

places to visit in Malaysia, where to go in Malaysia, things to do in Malaysia, what to do in Malaysia, tourist attractions in Malaysia, interesting places in Malaysia, things to do in Penang, what to do in Penang, where to go in Penang,  things to do in Langkawi, what to do in Langkawi, where to go in LangkawiKuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and the country’s economic, cultural and tourism center. It is a large and very modern city with a population of 1.6 million people and when the surrounding urban areas are considered there are close to 7 million people. The city has all of the amenities, a highly evolved transportation system, large international hotel chains, great shopping and some of the world’s largest skyscrapers. For all of the above reasons, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Malaysia.

One of the most intriguing features of Kuala Lumpur is its shopping centers and shopping malls. The city has dozens of them, and it seems that its citizens really enjoy the overall shopping experience. In addition to the shopping malls, the city has designated numerous areas to be shopping zones. When in these areas it is common to see merchants selling goods such as handicrafts, fabrics and textiles. There are also large outdoor wet markets that sell all kinds of foods and perishable items. One of the most popular shopping zones is the Chinatown district. The Chinatown district is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is a shopper’s paradise known for its great bargains and merchants who are ready to haggle. It is open for business every day and at night it transforms into a vibrant night market.

Just steps away from Chinatown, is another must see place to visit when in Kuala Lumpur, the Central Market. The Central Market is located in a large two-story building with an Art Deco exterior. It is a modern up to date building that was saved from demolition and then renovated in 1985. In addition to the original building, an annex was added along with an outdoor market area called the Kasturi.

The Central Market was designed to resemble the historic outdoor markets. The central walkway is rather narrow, and there are lots of closely packed stalls. The market is loud and, there is always a lot going on. It is more than just a shopping mall it features dancers, arts and craft exhibits and live entertainment. It is a place where people like to spend time, and where they can browse and mingle with others.

When it comes to shopping the mall has a multitude of shops that sell all manners of wares. You can buy clothing, art, crafts, jewelry, souvenirs, books, textiles and much much more. On the first floor there are a large number of shops and a couple of restaurants. On the second floor, there is a large food court and many more shops. The Annex is home to theatres, art galleries, arts and craft shops and even performance areas where concerts and plays can be viewed. Just outside of the market is the Kasturi walk. The Kasturi walk runs along the side of the Central Market. This is a place where you can buy fresh fruits, cakes and other delicious cuisines. You can also purchase goods like souvenirs and clothes.

When you go to the Central Market, be prepared to haggle. Even though most of the sale items have price tags on them, many of the prices can be negotiated if you are willing to ask. Prices at the market are somewhat high when compared to Chinatown, but it is possible to get some very nice bargains. While prices are cheaper in Chinatown many people prefer to shop at the Central Market. They appreciate that it is air conditioned, which on hot days in Kuala Lumpur is a strong motivation. People also like the atmosphere which is more controlled and more refined than the outdoor stalls in many of the city’s other shopping zones and malls.

A trip to the market can be a memorable experience. The atmosphere at the market is sure to be fun, lively and if you are a good haggler, it can be exhilarating, and exciting. I must mention that while shopping is fun there are lot of other things to do in Kuala Lumpur like sightseeing. The city is home to world famous tourist attractions such as the Petronas Towers which has the world’s highest double decked sky bridge.

Many people earn their livings and spend a good amount of their time at the Central Market. It is a fun place to visit in Kuala Lampur, so when you go to make sure not to have fun at someone else’s expenses. The culture and history of the markets is old and time honored, and it is important that they continue. Therefore, it is important to respect other people and their culture when in the Central Market.

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